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Welcome to the HUB!

where helping you find your future self is our main focus! If you’re in the BCAM community, meet us in room 303 during your lunch periods and after-school for more info!

Topics Include

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Financial Literacy


Mental Wellness

Community Development



Underclassmen (9-10)

Upperclassmen (11-12)

Finding yourself, identity.

 Future Orientation

9th Grade: How do we explore our personal identity while navigating personal/social issues; Teen Health  Issues; mental health  i.e vaping, safety, sexual orientation/Social Media; i.e usage, safety; Gender Identities

11th grade: Myself and developing my future orientation; Neighborhood and community; Gang/gun violence/Substance Abuse /Safety and Health/Access to good schools/Gentrification /Housing / living conditions/Recreation Facilities

10th grade: Myself and My (local and global)community/Conflict/Cleanliness/Space/healthy foods/Code switching/Support/Substance Abuse/Sex/ Health

12th grade: Myself and Securing Opportunities  and Successful Transitions. Exploring national and/or global issues that positively and/or negatively impact successful opportunities and transitions; Mass Shooting/Mental Health/Justice System/Immigration/Human Right/Equity and Access/ Racial Conflicts/Global Health Crisis/War/ Subcultures

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